Youth Creative Hub


In YCH, we target the youth.

YCH main vision is to achieve an effective change in society, by creating an event that discusses important trends among the youth through spreading awareness on that topic in an artistic way.


Short film screening and extravagnza (2019)

Our first YCH event targeted the most vibrant form of expression in order to provide a platform for creative outlet: short films. The event was composed of a short film screening, followed by a discussion with our professional panel, with several artistic performances in between.

Psychology Day (2020)

The second YCH event was about spreading mental health awareness among the youth and answering the question of: “Why do we face so many mental and psychological problems at such young age?” through our social media campaign.

YCH Day (2021)

It was an initiative that highlighted the importance of books and the historical libraries in Cairo. This was done by encouraging our audience to go back to reading books, through our social media campaign, and giving them a tour around several libraries.

YCH Mega Event: The era of innovation (2021)

The event covered the topic of innovation, through many successful examples and emphasized on how they got their business started stepwise, which was a huge source of inspiration to all the young adults who attended this event.

YCH Day: Green Vibes (2022)

The initiative was about environmental awareness and how we recycle materials into artistic objects that we can use everyday. We brought this event to life by creating multiple workshops for people to get hands-on experience in recycling.