PhAI Vision

To exist as a leading Egyptian organization based on youth to youth education and works to fill the gap between Academic studies & Real Market necessities, through investing in the youth’s potentials and setting them to be the natural resources on which our society’s development depends.



Encourage the engagement of youth in delivering community development and increase the awareness of its problems.


Execute projects on a professional level, mentor youth in various fields to prepare them for labor market and provide them with job opportunities from different careers.


Develop future leaders who can discover huge opportunities in various diverse fields extending outside the scope of their academic career, and invest in their skills, talents and experiences.


Develop PhAI community to be the most prestigious professional student initiative.

Pharmaceutical Association For Investment

PhAI is a student organization based in  Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University since 2008. PhAI has raised the motto of “Dare to Invest” in the youth who are the pillars of our community and the future of our  country. Founded in 2008, PhAI was the first business and investment non-profit student-run organization that has made the business knowledge a complementary education to students and accessible on their campus.



PhAI’s schools serve as a business oriented sessions that brings youth into contact with the investment environment, and engages their field of study to the surrounding community’s needs through educational and technical workshops. Featuring a wide variety of remarkable engaging speakers that includes entrepreneurs, academics, investors, companies and development practitioners.

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Employment Fair

The problem of Unemployment has many social, economic and political consequences. PhAI believes that solving such a bulky problem needs what is more than governmental solutions. Actually it requires an effective social participation and this is what PhAI is seeking; an   employment fair providing a convenient meeting point for both the employees and the employer helping both parties in achieving their goals.

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PhAI ‘s insight is that a union with various student activities will bring many innovations, ideas and benefits, either to the student organizations or the community. Inviting various student activities to an event organized by PhAI to cooperate and maintain our relations over a very fruitful and productive day.

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Youth Creative Hub was developed as an enhancement of PhAI Salon to something even bigger and better than ever before. It provides university and local community awareness through organizing activities and events to develop & broaden their mindset. Through the expression of art in its many different forms by the youth where many very important issues can be raised and discussed and, hence came our idea of our new event.

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