This educational event is carried out as an overview 18 credit hour course involving business oriented sessions, which allows the youth to come in contact with the market needs. These sessions are presented by professional speakers including entrepreneurs, trainers, investors and companies.


Execution of the event in the most professional and prestigious way. This is done through 6 business oriented sessions for every School/Topic. These sessions are accompanied by a practical application on ILOs of the session done by PhAI crew.

Hosting and organizing the event with the help of PhAI crew to ensure the maximum benefit for the delegates.


PhAI’s first mega event is Schools, which was created in 2008, when PhAI was first launched. Ever since, the event is being held yearly, which is why it is being perceived as the most sustainable event in PhAI, and every year new schools are created to provide our youth with a bigger picture into the business world.

Schools 2019 (PhAI’s 11th Schools) :

Schools 2019 had a wizardly theme, where delegates were offered 4 magical schools, also known as houses, to choose from.

These houses included:

1)House of Growco: a place where you learn more about psychology and understand all about self exploration/development.

2)House of Visual Creation: where delegates were taught how to present their creativity through digital promotion, social media, graphic design, animations and web design. With 3 sponsors for this house, Abda, Adobe Academy Egy and Arascope ensured that our delegates made the most out of this place.

3)House of Triple B: which stands for, Bright Business Beginnings, that has taught delegates the first steps of turning a business idea into an entire organization with the help of their sponsor Macro Group Pharmaceuticals.

4)House of Product Drive: a place that has taught delegates all about marketing and sales.

Schools 2020 (PhAI’s 12th Schools):

  • The pandemic was not able to stop this event from taking place!
  • In 2020, Schools had the theme of “Chess”. In order to carry out the right move, we have to know all the pieces to start making decisions. This is exactly what that year’s schools had to offer!
  • Our participants (also called “Delegates”) were introduced to four schools where they could choose the school they wished to learn from the most, and each school was carried out in four sessions. With our main sponsor for the 2020 event, el agzakhana, the schools were:

1) Self lance: discussed basics of freelancing, simplifying the idea of free lancing through some tools and skills that are needed for such a career path.

2) Talent management: talked about how to manage one’s talents and others in the organization through learning some of the basics of HR.

3) Digital Advertisement: discussed advertising on internet platforms like facebook, youtube, Instagram, and even web pages. This school also talked about how organizations use this in branding and its advantages over TV advertising.

4) Debate: School of Debate was a project that aimed to teach the delegates how to communicate, argue, and debate in a professional way.  

Schools 2021 (PhAI’s 13th Schools):

  • Schools 2021 has brought a whole new experience of professionalism and investment that can’t be missed.
  • That year, 3 schools were introduced including:

1) B. brisk: A school where delegates were able to learn all about how to start up their own business and provide it with all the essential marketing and financial plans.

2) Selvest: An abbreviation for “self investment”, this school has helped improve the delegates’ soft skills and take them to a whole new level. With topics like communication skills, mind mapping and leadership, it definitely caught the interest of our delegates!

3) Pictex: This school managed to enrich the delegates’ photoshop skills and allowed them to be able to execute their design ideas into action!

Schools 2022 (PhAI’s 14th Schools):

  • In 2022 schools has changed to become an intensive beginner’s course of 6 sessions instead of 4, the remodeling has put our schools to a whole new level!
  • Four Schools made it that year, sponsored by IDH, including:

1) Supply chain management: A school that was able to teach our delegates how to handle flow of goods from raw manufacturing of the product all the way to the consumption by consumers.

2) Social media marketing: This school was dedicated to teach our delegates all about digital marketing. They were able to gain knowledge in the different platforms on social media and how to use them in marketing strategies.

3) Data Analysis: One of the top careers in the business world, and in this school, delegates had a great opportunity to learn all the details involving data analysis and how to extract meaning from these data.

4) Medical Sales Hub: PhAI’s main sponsor for the year 2021/2022, Elegant Care, were the academic sponsors for this school. Delegates learned all about the basics of “sales” in the business field. They practiced message delivery, researching the business acumen and many more aspects in regards to that field.