The aim of this event is the union of different student organizations, if we share the same vision. 

This form of union could be either by inviting them to collaborate with us or by accepting their invitations. This collaboration will help us to share our experiences with each other and build strong relations with people from other faculties.

Chapters’ History

Chapter 1 : The prestige (2017)

Competition between 11 high-caliber student organizations in Cairo University-besides PhAl- to find a solution and a productive outcome for a case study delivered by P&G.

Chapter 2 : The Power Hour (2018)

This chapter was hosted by SANDOZ, in collaboration with Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, to provide our attendees with an entrepreneurship master class with the opportunity to participate in a worldwide competition, the SANDOZ HACK program.

Chapter 3 : The Summit (2019)

This event provided a session on the basics of entrepreneurship and an introduction to Astrazeneca’s new competition, Astrafekra. By attending this session, you will get the great opportunity of taking part in their intriguing competition.

Chapter 4 : We Conquer (2021)

Part 1: ​

Inviting various student organizations to attend a Digital Marketing session, coping with all the changes that happened during the pandemic.

Part 2:

We aimed to bring the concept of youth-to-youth education to life, by introducing a variety of talks, ideas, and workshops. Each student organization discussed all the steps and the obstacles they faced while planning their projects. They also worked together to come up with ideas on partnership between totally different companies.

Chapter 5: (2022)

This event was a digital marketing competition, sponsored by EVA Cosmetics, targeting various business-oriented student organizations in Cairo. With real clients and digital marketing professionals, a competition between student organizations was held to create the best digital marketing campaign for the clients. The winner with the best campaign was awarded a digital marketing course or a digital marketing internship.